Our Services

Cultural Advice-Maori (CAM) is mindful of the cultural expectations and decisions of Government bodies and community organisations. We want to relieve that pressure to adequately support your services, equip staff to ensure clinical and cultural compliance, safety and professional measures are in place for service users. CAM provides the following areas of support:


Our services encompass the art of listening and understanding a needs analysis essential to better serve the user(s). Therefore we attempt to cater for a variety of members of all races, creeds and cultures from a proven foundation of social justice embedded in Te Tiriti o Waitangi in Aotearoa New Zealand.

  • Kaitiakitanga (Cultural Professional Supervision)

  • Kaitiakitanga (Clinical Professional Supervision)

  • Social services awareness within:

    • Māori History and Protocols

    • Governance/Leadership

    • Operational/Quality Assurance

    • Prayer and Language

  • Photography:

    • Historical video footage

  • CAM POWer model of practice

CAM offers five packaged programmes that allows organisations/individuals to learn, understand and apply clinical and culturally safe practices. Each package is tailored to a specific level of understanding and interest type.

All of our packages are executed in a four step module. The POWer Model (Pathway Of the Water). 


Our Packages

To make the selection process smoother we have categorized our packages to take the stress of choosing out of the equation. Please have a look at what we can offer you.


Learn more about the history of New Zealand through a bicultural lens and to understand Māori and non-Māori values and protocol

Recommended for Beginners

This package will bring an awareness and understanding of safe bicultural practice and how to build your networks with Māori providers:

  • Spiritual concepts

  • Tribal knowledge


Understand the influence of how governance/leadership factors into a bicultural scope. This package contains information that largely impacts our community and is regularly by professionals. The contents is closely related to the constitution of 1852

Recommended for Community / Professionals

This package includes teachings of:

  • Te Tiriti o Waitangi (The Treaty of Waitangi)

  • Constitution

  • Services

  • Service delivery and support


Strategic development of cultural leadership, educational and clinical staff compliance

Recommended for Community / Management

This package provides the following:

  • Services

  • Programmes

  • Contracts and compliance

  • Social Work Registration application support

  • Social Work/Services Training

  • Networking with Iwi


The fundamental knowledge of bicultural practice; when, where, why and how to start your activities whilst maintaining a balance of physical and spiritual worlds

Recommended for Everyone

This package teaches the following:

  • Welcoming process

  • Host and visitor

  • Prayers

  • Language concepts