(Poutarawaho) Pathway Of the Water (Model and Framework) E.g Kaupapa Māori & Clinical narratives

  • Our model and framework for CAM services are underpinned by the Pathway of the Water model (Pou o te Wai), abbreviated, POWer. This model was designed and created specifically for CAM services. Extensive research was undertaken to understand the implications of individuals and community groups to communicate, listen and accept cultural differences and cultural safety. The purpose, obligation, and responsibility of POWer derive from a metaphor of a natural spring (puna) flow and pathway of purified water (wai) as it travels (rere) to the sea and returns to the spring in which it began. A whakatauaki (proverb) reflects the journey of the water and support for the practitioner: “ka rere te wai, ki a ora ai ahau” I am well when the waters continue to flow. The movements of the water and the objects in its path alter the passage, pace, temperature, and intended direction, and relationship with the environment. This analogy brings an understanding of the practitioner’s journey and that of others. An obligation to appreciate differing passages, standing, experience, and responsibility to return to the pathway that was originally intended. The relationship of the POWer model to the natural resources of the spring and waterways, suggests environmental factors contribute to the movements of the water and ability to change pace, flow, and be aggressive then stagnant, calm, refreshed, and able to determine the situations to adjust to the weather conditions. The elements of the earth and sky and the weather forces that occur between (wind, rain, sun, earthquake, etc) have a direct bearing to the pathway of the water and return to the spring.

PEPEHA (Stand)

Step one of the POWer module outlines the importance and practice of understanding who you are and your ancestral connections. This will encourage your reflective and research skills of Māori and non-Māori concepts of support.


Step two of the POWer module is a process of enquiry. To identify issues and principles in which you will construct your own thoughts of discovery and positive steps and option to consider changes.


Step three of the POWer module is the understanding of an individual / organisations obligations and consolidation of removing or amending areas discovered and making those important decisions to best position yourself.


Final Step of the POWer module is where we bear the fruits of our hard work. Along with the learning, teaching and pathway from the previous steps you can now apply and execute with confidence the solutions you are happy with in coherence to the POWer programme.