Nau mai haere mai ano! 

The taonga (resources) in this section are selected videos for the practitioner offered to explore the differing passages, standing and experiences at the Puawai stage. We are not saying that the video's presented will suit the practitioner but may prompt options to diversity from the norm. If the norm at present is troublesome and challenging the Puawai stage (model/framework) avails interventions outside the pouaka (box) or tapa wha (square). An awareness of what services are available within ones self, ones whanau and ones community could be explored and better suited by practitioner.


The basic needs of whanau are many, attributed to the lack of taonga and matauranga (knowledge) therefore, two areas mentioned fall within the struggles of whanau and quest for well being and stability . An example is; going to the supermarket not knowing inflated costs for food returning home without any. The whanau situation is critical no food due to not coping and knowing the fluctuations of supply and demand inflating the cost of living. We have selected two videos that may address whanau needs firstly to access matauranga me te huarahi (pathway of knowledge) what we call; 'tangata kaha o te ao' world people power or leveraging through benefits and spending power of people in their community and abroad. 


    • This ripene has been sourced from the Founder - Holton Buggs (HB) of South African descent. HB's ancestral line of slavery his people encounted many years of the despicable acts from western foreign races placed upon his ancestors as slaves when shipped across to the Americas. Changes occurred years later through countless martyrs heroes and advocate against oppression most sacrificed their lives to bring about change. Support of sympathetic and courageous non-blacks or white folks as they were called during that era, paved the way for blacks integration with the ban on slavery within a dominant white class society. Moving many years ahead, that history has been played out on many occasions in many forms from literature, plays and movies etc. Many black individuals have since made their mark on society in many fields of services from educators, sports, artist - singers, actors, spiritual evangelist, governors leading to the first black President-Barrach Obama in 2015.

    • Mr Holton Buggs is now making his mark as an entrepreneur in net work marketing with records earnings and in this industry prior to the launch of his company ibūūmerang in March 2019. According to website, the Team Business from Home. ibūūmerang held the top position of being the fastest growing company in revenue for 2019.

  • Ibuumerang is a technology company and have just celebrated their one year anniversary last month in March.  Now with the launch of their second service or vertical Vibe, a ride share service on 1 April 2020, this service runs alongside their first vertical igo4 less and access to  wholesale travel within a eight trillion dollar industry.

  • First Vertical is igo4less travel.

  • Second Vertical is Vibe or Ride Share.

    • When selecting your preferred video you must arrange the full caption of the video on your screen. Click the screen and activate the sound icon on the bottom right. You are unable to fast forward or rewind the video. If you have any questions then please go to our contact page on this site, complete and use the send button. We will endeavor to respond at our earliest convenience.


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